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The North had been living on Squarespace comfortably for a while, but found they were beginning to run into a lot of walls when they tried to expand what their site could do. We migrated the site to WordPress, importing what we could but mostly rebuilding it from scratch. The site already looked good as it was and with a bunch of chiseling around the edges we made it work better as well, with a significantly improved responsive experience, expanded blogging capabilities, a better email sign-up system, and a small mountain of additional features.

Working model for a fairly priced, semi-templated, fully responsive candidate site. There are a lot of website options out there for candidates, but most are either super expensive or seem cheap, but don’t give the candidate the pro look they need in today’s media environment. This provides another option between those two that is cost effective, looks great, provides the public with the information they need and the candidate with the tools to move forward.

It’s no secret that politics in the United States are a little crazy these days. When three seasoned political consultants joined forces, they needed a new website quickly to make a splash on a crowded scene. We built a clean, easy to navigate site with all the information you need and no more. Something that looks good but will age well.

Advocacy site that includes on page translation between English and Spanish, a petition and other ways to get involved.

Identity Development

A selection of logos. The first image in each gallery is the chosen direction with a few alternate ideas following.


A selection of mailers and walkcards for a variety of different candidates and advocacy groups. Initial image is the front – hover and click arrows to view backs. Click for larger versions. As with any work on the site, there are additional pieces available if you would like to view more work. 

Additional case studies and projects: