Identity / Art Direction / Web Design / Day-to-day Label Operations

Geology is a small Wisconsin record label founded late in 2013, working with local, national and international artists with an emphasis on limited edition cassette releases. The label is a one-man operation where I handle everything from the design and art direction to the web and social media presence to basic A&R to shipping.


A simple, iconic logo that would work well at very small sizes (potentially as small as the side of an LP) felt right. The sun is used as a general metaphor for geology as it is the precursor power source of nearly everything in our solar system, including the geologic processes on Earth.


The typeface Optima was chosen for its humanist characteristics which give the logo a clean, classic feel.


The website, as well as various social media pages and the label’s Bandcamp page use a general palette of greens and graysOriginally built in late 2013, the site received a complete refresh in early 2017. This new version improves the look and functionality of the site, as well as making it easier to update with new information. It is simple to navigate with only a few main sections and has easy to use e-commerce capabilities.

Album Layouts

Beyond the initial identity development and web design/development, I also handle most of the art direction and design for album layouts. These always begin with a conversation with the musician(s) and frequently involve other artists and photographers. I never even start to think about layout until I’ve listened to the work through numerous times and often design while listening to it to make sure my layout feels right with the music.

Additional case studies and projects: