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One of my biggest worries in working with a lot of campaigns over the past few years is that many have a web presence that isn’t serving their needs well and may even be hindering them. More and more, people expect sites that are simple to navigate and look great across devices (especially young voters).

In doing a bit of research, I’ve found that many of the quick-turn site options available provide an inferior product and the custom options cost a lot of money. I wanted to provide a bridge between these.

Trees Cut Stars offers simple, but effective WordPress websites for $1500+

By using a few templates I created specifically for candidate sites, I am able to quickly take a campaign’s branding and make the site their own, with a strong responsive skeleton underneath and a local friendly pricetag.

Every site includes the following features. I am more than happy to discuss anything additional you may need and can provide a custom quote.

Main Features

A responsive design that looks great whether viewed on a computer or a phone

Well placed calls to action that help drive people to sign up and donate

Navigation best practices

Simple, clear, user friendly navigation that makes sense with the content. Social links that don’t take constituents away from your site too soon.


Basic SEO setup

There are SEO challenges inherent in the short term nature of most campaigns, but I’ll make sure your site displays correctly on Google and social media and has basic tools for expanding your SEO presence if wanted.

Daily security scan to help keep your site safe

A daily sweep through your site’s backend files to make sure nothing malicious has occurred. It’s rare, but a fact of life when running a website

Tracking pixels installed

I’m happy to install any common tracking pixel, such as Google Analytics or Facebook, so you can better see how your site is performing.

Email opt-in forms

I’ll connect your site to your email marketing platform (MailChimp, ConstantContact, Drip, etc) so you can connect to your constituents through email. 

Six months of backups and WordPress backend updates

Daily full site backups and monthly updates to theme and plugin files as needed.

Image compressing and other tools to help your site load faster

Intro to your site training call once it is live

I’ll provide you a quick training on how to make basic updates to your new website including blog/news posts.


Setup of the content management system to allow you to give different levels of access to different people on your campaign

I’ll show you how to add users and administrators to your system. For example, a volunteer could write a draft post, but leave it to the campaign manager to approve publication of each post. 

The little, but important, extras

Favicons, subtle animation and more.

Get in Touch

Let's talk about your current and future design needs and what we can do to push your brand forward. Use the contact form or shoot me an email at hello@treescutstars.com.

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Trees Cut Stars is currently accepting a limited number of new clients and booking select projects for March 2024 and beyond.

I look forward to hearing from you.